Le Pays De France - At UN, Russia, China call out 'unilateral' sanctions

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At UN, Russia, China call out 'unilateral' sanctions
At UN, Russia, China call out 'unilateral' sanctions

At UN, Russia, China call out 'unilateral' sanctions

Russia, facing the threat of Western penalties over Ukraine, and China on Monday spoke out against what they called "unilateral" sanctions imposed by countries without the backing of the United Nations Security Council.

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"Only Security Council sanctions are legal," said Russia's Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy. He added that such sanctions are "an important tool for reacting to global challenges."

Without mentioning Ukraine, which the West fears Russia may be planning to invade, Polyanskiy denounced "unilateral" measures that hurt peace efforts and interfere with the sovereignty of nations, such as in Syria, Belarus, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma and Mali.

For his part, China's ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun said that "coercive unilateral sanctions were a major source of concern."

Zhang added that countries initiating them get hooked up on them like "a drug" and urged them to stop them immediately.

As for sanctions that do receive the support of the UN Security Council, Zhang said they should not be applied "excessively."

Referring to UN sanctions against Beijing's ally North Korea, Zhang said they have "serious humanitarian consequences."

But Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, insisted that North Korea's dire economic situation was the country's own fault.

"The number one barrier to sending humanitarian assistance into the DPRK is the DPRK self-imposed border closures, not international sanctions," Thomas-Greenfield said.

North Korea is living under a self-imposed coronavirus blockade -- a far more comprehensive measure than any of the international sanctions it is under for its nuclear program.

Russia and China have long sought to get to ease UN sanctions on North Korea, mostly recently blocking attempts to sanction a group of North Koreans after a series of brazen missile launches by DPRK.

UN sanctions are currently in place against 14 regimes around the world, affecting countries such as Libya, Yemen, Sudan and militant groups such as Al-Qaida and the Islamic State.